Eighteen year old boys dating younger girls

When there was an age difference, girls were more likely to be the younger person.

Eighteen percent of girls reported having had a boyfriend at least two years older than they were.

And while girls with a serious older boyfriend by seventh grade were twice as likely to have had sex as those who'd had a same-age boyfriend, no such pattern was seen between boys and older girlfriends.

However, those couples were rare, which might make it hard to spot trends in that group.

She may not even mind your spending a lot of time alone with her younger daughter or even your spending the night at their home.

It may even be that this young woman is sending explicit pictures to you and your friends on her cell phone.

"One in 10 males and females who reported no relationship in seventh grade said that they had had sex in the 12 months before the ninth-grade interview, compared with at least one in five who reported in seventh grade having had a same-age or older girlfriend or boyfriend," write Marin and colleagues.

The survey didn't ask students to identify their sexual partner or that partner's age.

In the ninth-grade survey, students were asked, "Have you had sex in the last 12 months?

So, the researchers want parents to take young love seriously.

The findings suggest that "any 'serious' relationship in seventh grade should be cause for concern," they write. "Parents should be warned of the risks of interactions between middle-school females and older boyfriends, even when those boyfriends are only two years older," they write.

" defining sex as a "man's penis in woman's vagina." Most students answered "no" to that question.

But those who had had a serious relationship by seventh grade were more likely to report having sex in the year leading up to the survey.

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From grades six-nine, the students took annual surveys on topics including relationships and sex. The sixth-grade survey asked girls if their menstrual periods had started.

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