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Having got your conscious thought into the zone about the forthcoming experience, there’s now just minimalist approach that will work for you: you’ve got to hit the dating streets with totally blinkered vision for the only thing that really matters to you—finding your soulmate.

Finding them is going to be a chase of mistaken identity if you’re unclear about what’s love-affirmingly, all important to you.

As many of us single people know, you can’t snap your fingers and miraculously, your soulmate will appear.

Let’s call this person “a soulmate.” Many people have different views on whether or not we have one. In this article, I wanted to express my opinion on whether or not one can meet their “soulmate” in an online dating site.I’ve written countless articles on the do’s and don’ts of online dating, but you can start by reading one of them (see: “ It’s important that when you’re making a choice of expanding your options in meeting someone new, by trying to date someone that you’ve met online, that you know the positives and negatives that meeting someone online has.As we all know, there are positives and negatives in everything in life, so it’s always good to be somewhat cautious. Remember, you need to go into every new situation with an open mind and an open heart in order to find real love.Tarting up who you really are will only reel in someone captivated by the distorted image you’ve put out and that’s definitely your soulmate. Admittedly this does mean breaking through the comprehensive programming we’re relentlessly exposed to, but de-cluttering your consciousness is key to finding your soulmate.While dating is immediate and conscious, connecting with your soulmate occurs on another level.

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