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They say their canned foods have no corn or soy and no fillers or artificial flavors.

Their foods range from traditional foods with grains, to grain free, and limited ingredient diets.

They have named meat proteins at the beginning of the ingredient list but they also contain several kinds of grain, including corn.

Otherwise, they have ingredients that are common in many other premium dog foods, good and bad. The turkey formula has a guaranteed analysis that is very similar to their Nutrish foods.

You may have to increase the amount of food you’re feeding, especially if your dog has been eating another food with higher calories.

As with any new food, you should always make the transition gradually by slowly mixing some of the new food with the old until your dog is eating the new food after a few days.

Foods are around 335-340 calories per cup (315 for the weight control food). The Zero Grain formulas feature a Turkey and Potato recipe and a Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe. Searching online, we couldn’t find the salmon and sweet potato recipe for sale on any sites so this food may not be available at this time.Most dogs can eat turkey without a problem but if your dog is allergic to chicken then he may eventually develop other poultry allergies, including problems with turkey.Since turkey is the whole meat, if the moisture were removed from this ingredient it would come lower down the list.Finally, Rachael Ray’s dry foods include Just 6 Lamb & Brown Rice recipe. This food looks like it has very low levels of protein.This food contains no corn, wheat, or soy and no by-products. On a dry matter basis the food has 22.5 percent protein (low for a premium food), 14.6 percent fat, 7.9 percent fiber (very high), and 46 percent carbohydrates (very high).

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Out of all of these kibbles, the Zero Grain Turkey & Potato looks like the best food based on the ingredients and other factors.

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