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Goodman, writer Danny Smith, actress Jennifer Tilly, and writer John Viener made minor performances in the episode.Recurring guest cast members Mike Henry, Patrick Warburton, and Adam West also appeared in the episode, portraying the characters of Cleveland Brown, Joe Swanson, and Mayor West respectively.Despite finally having Quagmire cowering and at his mercy, Cleveland realizes that he is unable to hurt another living person, no matter how badly they have hurt him and Quagmire apologizes to Cleveland for sleeping with Loretta.After Peter brings Loretta over, she and Cleveland end their marriage via a Divorce, with the latter believing that he deserves better.West's lunacy soon proves too much even for Quagmire and he returns home and calls Cleveland to apologize.Cleveland appears and chases Quagmire around his house wielding a baseball bat.Also according to the DVD commentary, the commentators say that the song is meant to be tasteless, because that is the joke.

When he confronts Loretta about it, she states it was because she needed passion and that he "wasn't acting like a real man".In addition to the regular cast, actress Jane Carr, actor Randy Crenshaw, actress Miriam Flynn, professional chef Emeril Lagasse, voice actor Denis Martell, voice actor Mark Peredes and voice actor Fred Tatasciore guest starred in the episode.Recurring guest voice actors Ralph Garman, writer David A.This method finally yields results: Cleveland becomes enraged and vows to kill Quagmire.Peter realizes that his plan has worked too well and tries to protect Quagmire by hiding him at Mayor West's mansion.

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