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"I didn't want to depend on somebody to do it for me." When she was 15, she landed her first job at a Mc Donald's in Charles County, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D. Management put her on the cash register immediately.

"Normally you start on fries or burgers, but I was never back there," she says proudly.

As for whether she loves her husband-to-be: "I think she loves him," says Thomas, "but I think it was a power move, initially. A lot of these celebrity couples are really only business deals." This theory—that Chyna's affairs are intertwined with her ambitions—has deeply resonated with her fans, who have taken to social media in droves to celebrate her alleged Machiavellian-like machinations.

"God give me the patience and strategic mindset of Blac Chyna when it comes to achieving my goals," Mary Pryor posted on Twitter.

Born Angela Renee White in 1988, Chyna has been on her grind since she was a child.

"I always liked having my own money and buying my own stuff," she says.

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And so the Kardashians, a family often accused of stealing black men, black features, and black culture, got beat at their own game by a black woman." Datwon Thomas, editor-in-chief of magazine, offered a similar assessment of Chyna's triumph over the Balmain-clad don Kris Jenner.

"Chyna popped up, and all of sudden she's pregnant, and now she's got one of the most powerful pieces on the chess board," he says, referring to Rob.

With the exception of her Porsche aviator sunglasses and Chanel slides, her look is understated—cashmere sweatpants, an oversize gray T-shirt, and a simple knit cap.

A cameraman for the show , which premieres in early September and will chronicle the budding romance between Chyna and her fiancé, Rob Kardashian—the only son in the estrogen-heavy, multimillion-dollar-generating Kardashian dynasty—dutifully trails behind her.

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