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Saint Helena: STHL 1ZZ Single code used for all addresses. Czech Postal codes - in English, download files Iceland - Postal code search India Postal codes - From Post codes- Under Info Kodepos Israeli Postal Codes - In Hebrew Israeli Postal Codes - In English Italian Post codes - Search Index (in Italian) Italian Posal codes - (in English) from Uniserv Mexico- Search (in English) The Netherlands - Search New Zealand - Search (in English) Norwegian Post codes - Search (in Norwegian) in the form Postnummer.

Thailand - Thailand - (in Thai and English) - search engine. Tunisia - Tunisia Turkey - Turkey Tajikistan: (TJ-)999999 Retained system from former Soviet Union. Post office of Guernsey (Channel Islands) (in English) - mainly philately Canadian Post codes - Search - from the Canadian Post Office Canada Post - Tracking, Postal Codes and Postal Outlets page Canada - Postal file of Canada containing latitude and longitude, province, demographics etc. Chinese Postsal/Telephone codes (some) - Ethan Michelson Czech Postal codes - in English, Czech postal codes from Czech Post Office.

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Norwegian Postal codes - (in English) from Uniserv Norwegian Post codes - Search (in English) Singapore Postal codes South African Postal codes - (in English) South African Post Office search Spain - (in Spanish) search Spanish Postal Codes - (in English) from Uniserv Sri Lanka- Postal codes Sri Lanka - Postal codes list Sri Lanka -Postal codes Directory Sweden - (in Swedish) - search Swedish Postal Codes - (in English) from Uniserv Switzerland - (in English) search from Uniserv Switzerland - Search by town name United Kingdom - Royal mail Postal code search also address search United Kingdom - Royal Mail Track and Trace page United Kingdom Postal Codes - (in English) from Uniserv United Kingdom - 20 free postal code addess lookups United Kingdom - Search from Brainstorm UK United States Postal Service - Track and Confirm page United States Zip codes - Search - from the Semaphore Corporation.

post office website * Åland: (AX-)99999 Note: Country code: AX even though part of the Finnish postal code system. Introduced in 2006, gradually implemented throughout 2007. o The postal services in Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions remain separate from Mainland China, with no post code systems is currently used. The letters CP are frequently used before the postal code. * Guinea Bissau: 9999 * Guyana: No postal code used. * Saint Pierre and Miquelon: Overseas Territory of France. * Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: No postal code used. * Saudi Arabia: 99999* Deliveries to PO Boxes only * Senegal: 99999. See List of postal codes in South Africa * South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands: SIQQ 1ZZ Single code used for all addresses. See List of postal codes in Taiwan * Tajikistan: (TJ-)999999 Retained system from former Soviet Union. * Turks and Caicos Islands: TKCA 1ZZ Single code used for all addresses. Placed on a separate line below the city (or county, if used).

* Algeria: 99999 * American Samoa: 99999* or 99999-9999*. * Andorra: AD999 each parish now has its own post code. See UPU documents on Hong Kong and Macau o For Taiwan (also known as Chinese Taipei or Republic of China), see Taiwan entry below. This is not a country code, but an abbreviation for "codigo postal" or postal code. * Haiti: (HT-)9999 * Heard and Mc Donald Islands: 9999*. * Honduras: 99999 * Hong Kong: 999077 Single code used for all addresses for mail from Mainland China * Hungary: (H- or HU-)9999 Introduced in 1973. The first two digits identify the state (or a part thereof), except for Nos. Postcodes in New Zealand were originally intended for bulk mailing and were not needed for addressing individual items. * Slovakia: (SK-)999 99* Retained system from former Czechoslovakia. * Swaziland: A999* Letter identifies one of the country's four districts. * United States of America: known as the ZIP Code with five digits 99999* or the ZIP 4 Code with nine digits 99999-9999* (while the minimum requirement is the first five digits, the U. Postal Service encourages everyone to use all nine).

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