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“Once, in a first booking with a client who doesn't speak, I thought that we'd been very thorough going over all the important details via email.

But when I arrived, I realised the room was set up differently than what I'd expected.

“They might briefly touch base after the first booking, but as with the family members of able-bodied people, they don't really want to know the details!

” Arranging visits with her disabled clients can be more difficult, requiring additional time and preparation, along with good communication.

“There were girls who wouldn’t work with disabled guys at all, they were afraid of them.

But I was happy to see them and to bring happiness into their lives.” Through the site, Laura is approached by a range of people, from individuals themselves to carers and even parents of disabled people.

In care facilities, it is certain staff that have been identified by the client as informed and safe for me to interact with, and the need to be discreet is extra important,” she says.I’ve learned practical things, like how to roll them or move them across the bed or use a hoist, to bathe them and how to change a catheter, but it’s also about getting to know them individually and their needs.They can often come with some issues.” The job can prove emotionally challenging at times, as Laura’s clients can become frustrated.’” Over the years, Laura found there was quite a steep learning curve when working with some of her clients with disabilities.“I have learned a lot along the way, about myself and about disabled people.

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