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In Saturday’s Sun Times, Mary Mitchell wrote that she felt this was not rape but a theft of services simply because the victim is a sex worker and was going to what she thought would be a consensual exchange. In 2007, a Pennsylvania judge used the same reasoning to dismiss sexual assault charges against a man accused of organizing a gang rape of a sex worker.

Anytime the blame for sexual assault is placed exactly where it belongs — on the shoulders of the person who made the choice to rape — all victims win.

Shame about lack of sex education is real."The advice we get around STI prevention usually boils down to "Use condoms," and drugstore shelves reflect that notion.

The only place you might hope to find dental dams (outside a dentist's office, anyway) is a sex shop specifically.

Between this explanation and my friend's self-assured comment, I assumed most people used dental dams and my first partner had just been reckless.

But in subsequent hookups, guys would just go to town without mentioning any kind of protection.

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  1. Whilst the team at Free Dating Australia offers as much protection as we can, once you make contact with other people, our involvement no longer comes into play – be wise, use common sense, and never give out personal information to anyone you meet online.