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One possible exception is if you pay with a credit card or through a third-party lender.

The balance with the lender could show as a regular debt, minus any medical information, he says.

But it would appear as a debtor trying to collect an overdue debt.

There wouldn’t be any details on the initial infraction, says Griffanti.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act prohibits listing information on your report that discloses private medical information to insurance companies.

However, medical debt, including medical collections, can show up on lender credit reports, says Ulzheimer.

Your Trans Union report will list, “if available,” your current employer and occupation, plus the date employment was verified, the hiring date and/or the date the information was reported, says Clifton O’Neal, spokesman for the bureau.Here are seven items lenders won’t see when they pull your credit report. Salaries haven’t “been on a report since the early 1990s,” says John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education at Credit Sesame.Even then, it was “highly dubious” because the information came from the consumers themselves, he says.In collections, medical debt can pop up on a credit report. Experian lists the item as medical debt, along with the balance, default date and collection status.There is “no information on the type of condition treated, where you received the treatment, the name of the medical collection company — anything that would be of concern,” Griffin says.

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