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For the Home Signal box to work properly, your broadband needs a download speed of 1Mbps or higher to make calls or send texts.

Please check with your fixed broadband provider as to the speeds available in your location.

All-you-can-eat data If you have All-you-can-eat data units as part of your package or with an Add-on, there are no hidden ‘fair use policies’ when using your device within the UK.

All-you-can-eat data units should give you all the access to the internet you would normally need, without worrying about hefty bills.

When you’re abroad in a Feel At Home destination, texts and calls to places other than the UK are chargeable – unless you’re in a Feel At Home in Europe destination in which case you’ll be able to use your allowances to make calls and send texts to numbers in other Feel At Home in Europe destinations at no extra cost. UK data use for the music service is currently included in the contract price for the minimum term.

You’ll be sent a text message on arrival in your destination, letting you know what charges apply when roaming there. may provide or enable additional services such as the app store, the ability to twin dial to other devices or offer internet enabled roaming services (the last of these being in addition to Three’s standard services).

Of the 32 potential registered users, up to a maximum of four (4) of those people can use the Home Signal box at any one time.

You must not give or sell your Home Signal box to anyone.

Please tell us straight away if you think that the Home Signal box has been lost or stolen or if you believe that it is being used in an unauthorised manner.

You can register up to thirty two (32) different mobile numbers (including your own number) for use on your Home Signal box.

These should be mobile numbers of people that you will allow to use your Home Signal box in its registered location.

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