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Maybe I am silly, and maybe this is all part of some strange imaginary scenario that I've subconsciously crafted to fill some void in my psychosis.

Party leaders proclaim their lifelong love of it, MPs vow to fight for their local hospitals, but few dare spell out the difficult realities it faces- not least, unprecedented pressure on funding in the next few years.Of late, I've "sensed" some bit of mutual attraction, admiration might be a better word.I believe that she's attracted to me and in more of a way than simply a replacement for the absentee father-figure in her life.What's more, she's even more beautiful, and that's quite a mouthful, considering the fact that my wife is extremely attractive.Whenever I see her, I'm refreshed by her enthusiasm, her grasp on life, the moment, the positives, the humor. For the longest time, I dismissed any and all notions that I had as "silly" and "situational", that is, until recently.

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