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My educational credentials consist of a high school diploma and two years in college before dropping out due to lack of finances.

Being a tinkerer by nature, plus my two years of college, allowed me to land a fairly decent job maintaining office equipment and the like in the thriving metropolis of Minneapolis.

Synopsis: The country in-laws offer to rehabilitate his cheating wife.

It turns out they have their own reasons and agenda.

Like most people who are burdened with the need to make a living, there is precious little time left for silent contemplation except for those few minutes one spends on the porcelain throne in the morning or whatever time one's bowels choose to move.

It was mocking, not lilting like the other, almost sinister, and mercifully brief.However it left an echo in my head long after it was gone along with the silvery laughing voices that always accompanied the ending of each piece.Then reality would rush in to fill the void, thus bringing the seizure to a close.The keys were on the bedroom chest of drawers, just where I'd left them.I couldn't help noticing the bedsheets looked as if a small army had bivouacked there last night.

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The opportunity to take a leak was overwhelming and so into the bathroom I went, and happened to glance into the waste basket by the toilet at what proved to be a condom sitting on top of all the other trash that would normally be found in such a place.

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