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I’ve seen it done) you get “a lot of sex.” Somewhere in the mid-teens the rumor would shift to (or come to include) tabs from beer cans, presumably because suds were deemed a more adult beverage than fizz.

The labels from beer bottles were also considered “sex coupons,” redeemable with the gal of one’s wet dreams.

Even if there’s no actual hanky-panky going on (and as we’ve said, we see no reason to suppose that there is), such rumors encourage youngsters to view themselves and their classmates in sexual terms.

It’s disquieting to imagine children in mulling the possibility of lap dances, let alone of oral sex or intercourse.

Rather, the bannings are an attempt to unring a bell — to return children to a time when they weren’t so focused on sex.

Premature sexualization of young people is a valid concern, which is why parents are up in arms over the messages the bracelets purportedly communicate.

Though the present incarnation focuses on cheap colorful bracelets, sexual themes that existed thirty years ago employed pull tabs from soft drink cans and labels from beer bottles.

Nothing in the various “sex bracelet” news stories we’ve pawed through indicates girls are actually using these fashion items to declare willingness to engage in various acts, or that boys are breaking girls’ bracelets in the belief that so doing grants them a right to claim what they think has been advertised.Though at first blush the “sex bracelets” rumor appears to be a 2003 phenomenon, it actually dates to the when it featured a variety of plastic items, including the liner circles from the inside of soda bottle caps (these would be made into bracelets by ripping out their middles and stretching the resultant rings to fit around wrists), the corrugated little rings that held caps in place on soda bottles (these would be linked together to form the requisite jewelry items) and, yes, even the jelly bracelets of today’s uproar.Once again, the rumor was if a boy broke a girl’s bracelet she had to have sex with him.(Why any gal would be compelled to swive with a random boy for a pull tab was not a question that seemed to occur to the fellows, but then what has logic ever had to do with teen and sex fantasies?) At other schools a pull tab was said to be exchangable for a kiss, and in some versions of the rumor the condition of the item being presented dictated its worth: if the little ring was broken from its tab it was good for a kiss, but if the ring was unbroken it was redeemable for sex.

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