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Tiny Iowa, with just under 3 million residents last year, was the recipient of .5 million from the USF.

The USF pays for maintenance and improvements to those local telephone plants, in addition to subsidizing user fees for local residents.

So you’re browsing our local chat lines, but you don’t see one that is for your area specifically. We are all about creating new opportunities for people who are looking to meet someone.And, because they’re rural, the charges are often steeply higher than to terminate in an urban setting.In the “NFL” cities, you might expect to pay 6 to 8 tenths of a cent per minute for termination. Arbitrage the subsidized rural rate against your costs and, presto, you’ve got a winner! Yesterday they announced free long distance calling to some 50 odd countries world wide. Since we don’t know know what Future Phone’s actual termination costs are, let’s make an estimate.Not only do we create new chat lines where they are needed but we also give free access to members who want to try our services and see if it is right for them.What could be better than a free chat line with people in your local area who are looking to chat and maybe even meet. Who knows, you could hit it off with someone by chatting with them on the phone and end up going on a date with them in your local area!

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Free Conference is a very successful example of a business using it.

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