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Prologue in Heaven 21 He seems to me, saving your Grace's presence, A long-legged grasshopper in very essence, That ever flies, and flying springs. THe opens the book petulantly at another place^ -and his eye lights upon the symbol of the Ear Th-spirit. Tliou, Spirit of Earth, to me art nigher ; My powers 'I feel already higher, Part I 29 I glow, as if with new-made wine. what a spasm racks my h eart 1 To novel emotions My senses are stirred with storm like the ocean's !

Then straightway in the grass her ancient ditty sings. but then he doesn't ; He sees no filth, but he must poke his nose in't. Full-steeled to tread the world I feel my m^tle, Earth \s \t?! I feel thee" draw my heart, with might un- measured !

Part I 45 A Stinging beer, and a biting weed, And a lass in her gayest trim, — that's bliss indeed. When they could have the most genteel society- SECOND STUDENT, t O the Jirst. Good gentlemen and ladies fan; With dresses gay and cheeks like roses ^ 46 Goethe's Faust One glance for my misfortunes spare !

It really is a shame to see ; They're running after servant-maids, I vow. Since his prefermenti Aye^ and what far- the town does he ? Ever more wide must gape our pur^je,- And truckle more and more Tirusirwer BEGGAR sings.

All unrefreshed the soul still sickens, Till from the soul itself the fountain burst. 38 Goethe's Faust Mysterious in the open day, Nature lets no man of her veil bereave her. We use alone the tool framed by the momenf's need '; The rest, all that we use not, is but lumber. Ready to cleave am I On pathways new, the ethereal dominions, Borne to new spheres of pure activity. I've sought him everywhere, yet spite of all I've sought in vain, and nowhere have I found him. Castles nvith lofty Bulivarks embattled^ Maidens disdainful^ Haughtily-mettled Fain ivould I capture ' Glorious the rapture^ Bold though the toil ! Freed from ice are the water-courses, For kindly and quickening, Spring hath scope. Forth from the hollow, gloomy gateway Sways and surges a motley horde. From craft and traffic that chain them wholly, From roof and gable — that press like a prison, Forth from the straits of the crowded alley. No song of sun and worlds can I invent ; I only see how men themselves torment. He'd live a little better even, Gav'st Thou him not a glimmer of the light of Heaven. Mortals thei: piteous fate upon the rack so stretches, Myself have scarce the heart to plague the wretches. Which fill my yearning heart with gladness, z S Goethe's Faust And with a strange, mysterious might Withdraw from Nature's powers the veil, to cheer my sadness ? Now, now I know, what 'tis the sage hath spoken : " The spirit-world shuts not its portal ; " Thine heart is dead, thy senses sleep ; " Up ! From Heaven through the Earth are springing, All through the All harmonious ringing ! yet a pageant merely 4 Thou boundless Nature, where shall I grasp thee clearly ? The little god o' the world, m type unaltered wholly. He calls it Reason, uses it but More bestial to be than any brute. Still upon Earth is nothing to thy mind f MEPHISTOPHELES. in the crimson day spring, mortal, "Ail undismayed, thy bosom steep! Where you, ye breasts, founts of all life that fail not. For ye the withered breast doth thirst — Ye well, ye slake, I faint, yet ye avail not ! [^He takes up the bdoky and pronounm in mysterious zuise the symbol of ' the Spirit.

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©e,_Earth'8 bliss, my soul can not unsettle, I would not blench with storms to battle, Nor quail amidst the shipwreck's crash and rattle ! — A shudder Down- wafted from the vaulted gloom Lays hold on me !

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