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Then you analyse what your needs are in terms of a house, income and earning power – assuming it is a long marriage with children.

You compare the results of both these equations, and you get the higher of these two numbers.

A family lawyer at a firm with a wide range of expertise can be beneficial.

In particular tax, property and commercial departments often assist.

If your case includes discrete issues such as farming businesses or trusts, ensure your lawyer has expertise in these areas.

Check that your solicitor has the appropriate level of experience.

There is no absolute fixed line, and the longer the marriage, the harder this can be to define.

Before you first meet your solicitor, write a brief summary of the background to your situation with an overview of your financial position. The lawyer will read this before you meet, and your meeting can then focus on the issues to be resolved.In technical terms, this is a ‘sharing claim’ versus a ‘needs claim’.If there is only enough money in the pot for one home, the partner in need of a house for the children will get the money.In considering a fair financial settlement, all the assets, income and other resources will need to be disclosed as the settlement will be based on the principle of equality with regard to the couple’s and children’s needs. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a ‘common law’ marriage.A cohabitant’s claims are limited to support for children, or if the couple held or invested in property together.

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There is the question of whether spousal maintenance should be for a set term, such as until the end of the children’s education, or for life. However, if your ex moves in with a new partner, that can affect the level of maintenance you get.

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