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The attention to detail is frankly quite astonishing and even after 50 hours (yes, that’s how much I’ve played it already!!) you’ll be noticing the little things and still be in awe.Each of the 4 real life districts appear in the game as well as New Jersey and each area perfectly captures the spirit of its real life counterpart, and then some.If Liberty City had more interiors to explore, then the city would truly be flawless.Grand Theft Auto has always been a series that is loved by gamers worldwide and hated equally by the media.Grand Theft Auto III’s release back in October 2001 revolutionised the industry and raised the proverbial bar for others to aspire to.

The main character in this game is not the humorous and likeable Niko Bellic, it is actually the city itself.

7 years later, with a next-gen console at their disposal, the question is…What can Rockstar truly accomplish?

Is the game set to revolutionise the industry once again? GTA IV returns to Liberty City, however this is not the same city that we saw in GTA III but instead based on the Big Apple; New York City.

There two kinds of dates - these connected with main plot and those not connected. Her special skill is reducing the number of stars when you're chased.

The first ones are described in the part of this guide that deals with main plot and missions. She likes: expensive clothes (Perseus); all types of games and entertainment; she prefers Steinway Beer Garden and Lucky Winkles. You meet her through dating service love-meet, where she's under the nickname Law Chick. Kiki likes: cheap, Russian clothes, glasses, hats; she likes to eat so you take her to any restaurant or fast food; she drinks a lot so take her to bar; also she loves every kind of entertainment or games. Carmen likes: expensive clothes (Perseus or Modo); she likes to drinks and eat; you can even take her to a nightclub. Carmen doesn' like: cheap Russian clothes, glasses, hats.

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