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If you have tried therapy before and were disappointed with the results, keep reading.

I do more than just listen, I want to provide you with tools, that you can use to make long term, positive changes in your life. I have 15 years of experience helping others with anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, boundary issues, and work place stress.

In the book she writes that she found in her research there are 10 Most Effective Therapeutic Traits: Empathy, Genuineness, Respect, Self-Disclosure, Warmth, Immediacy, Concreteness, Confrontation, Potency, and Self-Actualization.

These are the traits I would look for in a therapist and traits I seek to foster and maintain as a therapist and as a person just like you (More about these 10 traits can be found on my website-just click above). All are welcome.""A mentor gifted me with a book when I graduated from graduate school, Becoming Naturally Therapeutic by Jacquelyn Small.

If you are dissatisfied with how things are going in your life, I am here to help you determine steps you can take to change that.

I typically take a solution-focused approach to therapy, which is collaborative, practical, and goal-driven.

Imagine what it would be like if your partner, family or friends heard ONLY what you meant.

I enjoy helping other moms with parenting issues, relationship difficulties, and to lead less stressful lives.""If you are new to therapy, you probably have questions and even some fear about the process.

I enjoy helping other moms with parenting issues, relationship difficulties, and to lead less stressful lives.""Down To Earth Counseling is a professional and caring environment for individuals, couples, and families who need help getting through life that can be painful and confusing.

Greg Evans has extensive training and experience working with anxiety, trauma, and family and relational challenges.

He works with diverse populations, including athletes addressing performance anxiety, victims of rape, incest, and combat -related PTSD.

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I strive to provide encouragement and support in difficult circumstances, while helping each person discover the tools they need to move forward.""Life's greatest joys and challenges are typically experienced through transition and change.

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