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Dear Glutton, Where does a gay guy who hates gay bars and dating apps but loves other kinds of bars and the edible apps go to meet guys? – Definitely Not the AC Food Editor You know how they say those who can't do, teach?

AFLAC can take thier duck and put it where the sun does not shine.

caz they don't want you to know what the job is about!

all their doing is try to fish unhappy losers, brainwash them to be happy and proud by using words like "be your own business" or "your a professional entrepreneur", or "make residual income" "be rich and retire early" "financial security".. They cost you the 300$ just so they can get some money out of you..

I was so psyched to try dating as a real adult person when I first moved here; it seemed so glamorous, staying out to all hours, going to fancy restaurants with suave strangers, dancing 'til dawn. Which, I mean, fair enough, who doesn't like to complain about their job, but let's switch it up a little, right folks?

Lots of people will tell you to take cooking classes.

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