Hazal kaya and kivanc tatlitug dating

Peyker Yöreoğlu (Firdevs's eldest daughter) marries Nihat Önal.While at their wedding, Adnan and Firdevs' youngest daughter, Bihter Yöreoğlu bond over the loss of their loved ones.Bihter begins to settle in the Ziyagil's house and tries to win the friendship of Adnan's two children. Adnan offers Nihat a job in his office, to which Nihat agrees and Hilmi becomes furious. Nihal is not very happy with her father's decision of marrying Bihter. The marriage of Bihter and Adnan begins well as Bihter tries to endear herself to Adnan's children.Soon, Bihter becomes pregnant and she fears it is too soon in the marriage to welcome a child. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. P "." i));_H.feature&&n.push("feature=" _H.feature);n.push("chunk=" t);r="/hpm? There is no love lost between mother and daughter as Bihter blames her mother for her father's death.

Bihter explains to Adnan that his children have not accepted her yet and she wants more time before having a child.

As a last resort, on the day of wedding, Bihter confronts Behlül, pointing a gun towards herself.

She asks him whether he will be able to live after losing her and he says "no" but does not have the guts to take the gun from her hand.

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