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The famous Marguerite Malaure would certainly have passed for a ; she said that she had the natural parts of both sexes, and and that she was in a position to use the one and the other.She displayed herself in public and private assemblies of doctors and surgeons, and she allowed herself to be examined, for a small compensation, by those who were curious.It is necessary, nevertheless, to concede that nature plays very strange tricks on natural parts, and that there have appeared a few times subjects of an exterior appearance so bizarre that the inability to distinguish their true nature is, in some way, excusable. Saviard, whom I just mentioned, delivered full term twins, of whom one lived only eight hours and the other was given away because of the singularity of his sex.One of these babies had a well formed penis, situated in the normal place, with the glans exposed, behind which the inverted foreskin formed a tubular roll of flesh.But whether the Greeks drew this prejudice from the principles of Astrology or from hermetic philosophy, they cleverly imagined that the was the offspring of Mercury and of Venus.

His scrotum was divided in the manner of a vulva; and at the bottom of this split, there was a hole that one could take for a vagina; urine came out through this opening; around it there were small reddish protuberances that one could take for caruncula hymenalis.He had no sooner seen it than he declared that this boy had a prolapsed uterus; accordingly, he reduced the prolapse, and cured her perfectly.Thus the inexplicable enigma of , in this subject, turned out to be clearer than day.His urethra was split from the end of the glans to the root of the penis; this separated the scrotum into two sacs, which contained the testicles.The reversed foreskin below the glans formed a roll very similar to that of the aforementioned subject; and the urethra came out through a hole which was at the base of the penis, at the place where the urethra is situated on a woman.

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One saw below this a fold of skin, which could pass for what is called in women; and next to it there were other wrinkles, that one could see as vestigial labia.

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