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The only way I can adequately specify what "gender" I am is with a full description of that event.

Will was clearly a man, even when his cock and balls were inside a magenta children's glove (an "outfit" he wore to multiple parties), yet he implicitly resisted the gender binary as much as he resisted the idea of reality as we know it.

But that staring contest was like water leaking through cracks in a dam.

Within about a year, girls were all I could think about.

The purpose of the game was to distract me from my fear of the house and to persuade me to follow rules.

I preferred a version of the game I invented in which I was also a captain—the captain of a pirate ship.

Fortunately, my mom realized something was seriously wrong and never made me wear that dress again, or any other. In any picture of me from childhood past the age of 5, my wardrobe isn't much different than it is now, except I am now less likely to a wear a poison-dart-frog-print baseball cap, and the substances my clothing is stained with have changed.When a relative made me a plaid dress with a matching eye patch, my mom was thrilled, but when she put the dress on me so she could take a picture, I started crying.I remember her saying how pretty I was, which made it worse.There are few things I'm more thankful to my parents for than not forcing me to dress and behave "appropriately" for a person with my external sexual characteristics. " is a question I first heard in elementary school, and fairly regularly since, though the wording has changed.To kids at school I said "girl," though my favorite game was one in which my tree house was a castle, I was king, and a girl who lived down the street was queen.

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It sounded like a deranged cartoon clown singing along to '90s Nintendo games.

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