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The regression in human rights protection mostly took the form of the rolling back of civil rights laws and the introduction of new laws restricting rights.Such changes may not be immediately obvious, and closer scrutiny is necessary.GENERAL POLITICAL STRUCTURE All three tiers of elected councils, including the Legislative Council, Municipal Councils (Urban Council & Regional Council), and the 18 District Boards have all been abolished by the Chinese and the HKSAR authorities on 1 July 1997.Despite guarantees in the Basic Law Article 68 that "The Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall be constituted by election", the Provisional Legislative Council (PLC) was set up by the Chinese authorities.

They often felt that the purpose of their political demonstration was denied by such policing.Similarly, the new Public Order Ordinance was amended by the incoming administration to include "national security" as a ground to prohibit public gatherings.Although no demonstrations have been banned since the handover (although they were close to banning one in January 1999), certain political demonstrations which targeted Chinese leaders in town, have faced vigorous and even oppressive policing.The re-introduction of the appointment system represents a step of regression instead of progress as promised by the Chief Executive and the Central Government. Tung Chee Hwa's Government has repeatedly attacked the limited democracy at various levels making Tung apparently an enemy of democracy.GENERAL LEGAL FRAMEWORK WITHIN WHICH HUMAN RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED The regression in human rights protection mostly took the form of the rolling back of civil rights laws, or the introduction of new laws restricting rights.

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Such police tactics frequently resulted in clashes between rights conscious demonstrators and the police.

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