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There is a lot to find out about him, his recordings, future appearances, and more.The pride of Canadians everywhere, especially those in Canada, this enormously talented pianist and composer from Prince Edward Island has been said to play "face melting" ragtime piano and novelties.A friend of the "Perfessor" and an absolutely brilliant and charming interpreter of novelty and 1920s/1930s piano, as well as on silent movie soundtracks both live on and digital media.If you can't hear him in person, this is a good start.We’ve got to put a stop to it in order to set a precedent.Otherwise it’s going to be a free-for-all.” The sausage Harrison predicted has Cheetos-orange skin and is the darling of any white supremacist who has registered to vote, and the hordes who can’t figure out the registration process. Music and politics have been strange bedfellows for eons. We can only guess what will be on Trump’s jukebox when he decides to immolate innocent North Koreans instead of pursuing focused diplomacy.This is an ever-changing, but only partial list of known and recommended links available on the web for those who are interested in Ragtime/Old-Time Music, Traditional Jazz, Sheet Music, obtaining music, MIDI files, MIDI help, useful software for graphics or music, and other categories that in some way relate either to the content of my site or creation of that content.If you can recommend a related link or resource, please feel free to submit it to me via e-mail at .

With that in mind, know that your input is invaluable to any of us.Also, know that your patronage of any of us that have recordings or music for sale well help perpetuate future high-quality reference sources.The "Perfessor" knew Brian Holland back when he was barely of legal age, and before he started playing better than most of us and won the Old-Time Piano Championship three times straight!Here are 21 of the worst (and most laughable) offenses.Winner of the Los Angeles Press Club's best blog award and a Southern California Journalism Award for his Holly Blogs, as well as an award for the Facebook group that helped to muscle the salvation of long-term care for the motion picture and television industry, Stellar's "vituperative blog on The Wrap" (Vanity Fair) focuses on issues related to the motion picture and entertainment industry.

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