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Entries will be judged by registered users of the Archive via a poll on the front page of the Archive.The submission deadline is Midnight on November 8th voting will start November 16th and end November 30th.And if you're anything like us, you'll be gazing at this downright terrifying yet unbearably fascinating photo all day long.The Xor or a b algorithms above work and are the best way to do this, but just an example of a weird way to do it. Just build a function that you supply two values By Ref and have it do the standard swap method. A classic Female Age Regression / Age Progression comic!

Coming up in the future there will be an auction of original Bo Jay art.I am still ironing out the details of how to present the catalog - obviously it will show a huge number of Bo Jay images which will eliminate the reason to be a recurring subscriber to Bo Jay Premium and reveal the back catalog so the monthly will have less value for non-new images.My current thinking is that everyone who has had a subscription will get the catalog for free.This is the last regular update of this type for the forseeable future.I apologize for the lackof updates in the Fall, my spouse had a health emergency starting in early November and it has limited my time for a lot of things.

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