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You will learn to mobilize and expand your personal values and quality and you will put gained insights directly into practice.

The participants inspire and motivate each other and learn other, more effective and new forms of communication, interaction and management their own.

You will find and maintain a better balance and you can prevent unnecessary stress.

This benefits your employees, the organization but especially yourself.

Because although there is room for “tips and tricks”, we would like to offer you more.

Your daily functioning as manager improves because you get to know yourself better, your knowledge increases, you develop specific skills and you evaluate your talents and pitfalls.

They quickly discover that managing is a profession in itself.

And that leadership is not the same thing as leading.

12 people) and you like to learn with and from each other. You are willing to take responsibility for your own learning objectives. - Duration: mode is set to write and i have tried several blanks incidentaly when i double click the drives icon windows asks me how i want to treat this disk giving me two options 1:as a flash drive or 2:with a cd/dvd drive, option 2 is greyed out, and when selecting as a flash drive i get a message saying disc write protected. @jman OK i think you misread the log file, the file is a tin 35meg youtube video as a test burn as data, andno the disk is in fact a write once disk i dont know why the log says its bd-re, maybe part of my problem img burnb still shows it as not empty and windows says write protected 6TB WHS server) 1GB to 4GB each 9800GT, 7600GT, ATI-9550 Canopus ADVC-100, HVR-1600, ATI 550/650, PVR-350, ... I Contents: 1 File, 0 Folders I Content Type: Data I Data Type: MODE1/2048 I File System(s): ISO9660, Joliet I Volume Label: [Not Configured] I Size: 35,816,280 bytes I Sectors: 17,489 I Image Size: 35,913,728 bytes I Image Sectors: 17,536 I Operation Successfully Completed! Maybe your real problem is that you are using only single layer BD discs, re-writable or not, and nothing is being written because it's too big to fit on a single layer disc.You will develop from a manager to an effective and inspiring leader.If you manage and you would like to do so with mind and heart, then the KIM training will provide you with important insights and experiences.

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