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Approached properly, these vendors and many others will assist Southeast Racing Parts in becoming a force in the marketplace. The milestones table and chart show the specific detail about actual program activities that should be taking place during the year.Each one has its manager, starting date, ending date, and budget.Our seasonality, as shown in the chart, is a factor in the racing industry.We will tend to sell much better in the period January through June, while sales trail off in late summer and fall.This will allow us to keep our service at a high level, yet let us keep our inventory levels in check.

Therefore, our pricing strategy is to be competitive within the various product categories, but not to rely on the selling price to overshadow the other advantages of doing business with our company.

Most importantly, we need to sell our company, not necessarily the products.

We will need to push our service and support capabilities.

We will strive for a modest gross profit margin, increasing that steadily by year four.

Because Southeast Racing Parts is a new entity, we understand that we will have to prove our company's worth to racers in order to earn their respect and business.

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Also: The retail marketing strategy of Southeast Racing Parts centers on creating a corporate identity that clearly defines our market niche in terms that benefit our customer.

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