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“I think it’s important to see the look on someone’s face when you’re talking.

So much of what people say on the Internet turns out to be just a jumble of lies.” This offline yen for connection was the premise behind Snakes & Lattes, a five-month-old coffee shop on the Korea Town stretch of Bloor in Seaton Village that encourages patrons to meet over board games.

“How many of our mothers and best friends tell us to get out there and try things?

You can’t do that when you’re spending all of your time online,” says Bareket, who’s 37 and single and not above admitting that she’s taking woodworking classes at Lee Valley on King Street because she wants to learn how to build a cabinet, and also wouldn’t mind meeting an intelligent Marlboro Man.

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“I want to meet the man of my dreams in person, and I’d prefer him not to know a whole heck about me based on my profile on Facebook,” says Mika Bareket, owner of The Good Egg, a cookbook shop in Kensington Market that features popular meet-cute evening classes on everything from knife sharpening to wine appreciation 101.

There are no new reports about Alex and his waitress-girlfriend from Caffé Demetre — once they met, neither of them were ever heard from again — but Aimee Buxton is happy.

“I met someone recently and he seems nice, but we’re kind of taking it slow,” she says.

We want people to remember what it was like in the days before we were constantly connected.” The banality of incessant text messaging, confusion about Facebook status and general addiction to spying on one another’s Twitter feeds are all innovations that can make dating feel tiring during winter’s endless parade of grey days.

Kate Carraway edits the “Dating Diaries” column in , and also writes a relationship-themed advice column.

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