Interracial dating between blackmen and whitewomen

I have noticed that for them it's important to brag they are not just with a black woman, but also a Latina from the Caribbean AND who speaks Spanish..are besides themselves!!!Kellina Craig-Henderson: Very interesting what you refer to is the extent to which being "Black" in the US is undervalued, and even denigrated.There are male/male and female/female interacial relationships that are just as important.

As I noted at the outset of the book, I had some very personal reasons for doing so.

There are Black men out there for us if we are willing to think outside the box - I did not say compromise our values and principles - but we may find partners where we least expect.

-And- possibly entertain the idea that our partner may be someone who is not Black.

Kellina Craig-Henderson, professor of psychology at Howard University, discussed her new book, Black Men in Interracial Relationships," which examines the role race plays in relationships between black men and women of other races.

Craig-Henderson was online Tuesday, June 13 at 11 a.m. Washington Post writer Neely Tucker celebrates Loving Day, which commemorates the 1967 Supreme Court decision legalizing interracial marriage in his story: "Loving Day Recalls a Time When the Union of a Man And a Woman Was Banned." The transcript follows: _______ Inglewood, Calif.: A common reaction of African American women when seeing African American men who are in interracial relationships (especially European American women) is anger.

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