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Once dynamic young gunslingers were involved, the rest of the online dating-averse world followed in hot pursuit."Early adopters were highly social, were looked up to in their peer group, and were people who'd think they didn't need a dating platform," explains Mateen."We have so many emails from young women – around five a day – saying that they're on Tinder, yet they're wondering why the guy hasn't pursued them for a date," she says."What most women don't realise is that if a guy is chatting to you, he's chatting to 10 other women for sure.

"Think of a missed opportunity, like walking down the street. "With Tinder, you know the person is interested, so you start the conversation with a heightened sense of confidence.Smartphone apps offer a variety of services at the click of a finger: taxis, meditation guides, even hangover services.And now it's possible to mainline right into Ireland's burgeoning hook-up culture.Launched just 18 months ago, Tinder has been a gamechanger.Simply put, it's the holy grail of dating – Paradise Found for singletons.

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We'll wistfully reminisce about chemistry and sparks ...

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