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Legally, banks must report interest to the IRS and taxpayers must include it as income.

The IRS issued a warning of an identity theft scam that uses a phony form and an official looking letter from a bank.

Better to waste five minutes on the phone convincing your bank that you’re an idiot than keeping those five minutes to yourself and proving that you are.

Those who have received questionable documents that purported to be from the IRS or who have completed such forms and faxed them off should call the IRS hotline.

The fictitious W-9095 appears to be an attempt to mimic the genuine IRS In April 2002, a new ruse designed to trick victims into giving out personal information that could lead to identity theft was unleashed on the unsuspecting throughout the USA.

It arrived in the form of fake Internal Revenue Service forms which appeared to have been mailed by taxpayers’ banks.

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