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Damji was thrust into the spotlight in 2002 when he was sentenced to prison for bilking thousands of his fellow Ismaili Muslims out of millions of dollars.“The 32-year-old was touting the deal of a lifetime,” the Star reported at the time.

Both parties could rightfully defend their claims, but due to escalated misunderstandings, the Battle of the Camel was fought and Aisha was defeated but was respectfully escorted to Medina by Ali.His defence lawyer, Joe Markin, argued it was not Damji’s fault — it was the mob.“Markin had told the court that unnamed mobsters had forced Damji to carry out the fraud, threatening to kill his family if he didn’t follow their orders,” the Star reported.The conflict remained relatively peaceful between the partisans of ‘Ali and those who asserted a semi-democratic system of electing caliphs, until the third of the Rashidun caliphs, Uthman was killed, and ‘Alī, with popular support, ascended to the caliphate.Soon after his ascendancy, Aisha, the third of the Prophet's wives, claimed along with Uthman's tribe, the Ummayads, that Ali should take Qisas (blood for blood) from the people responsible for Uthman's death.

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