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The results meant that UCD leader Aldolfo Suárez became the first Prime Minister of Spain since the 1930s.

The UCD won 165 seats in the Congress of Deputies, PSOE won 118, and the remaining 67 seats were split among the other parties.

Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries or the OAPEC (consisting of the Arab members of OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia) proclaimed an oil embargo in response to the U. decision to re-supply the Israeli military" during the Yom Kippur war 4.Alaska current oil production is estimated between 10 to 15 percent of U. production, this would have not have been possible without the construction of the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline which carries approximately 700 thousand barrels per day.Spain held its first democratic elections in 41 years during June, two years after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975.It originally launched with 9 different games and was sold for 9.00.The Atari 2600 came with 2 joysticks and the game cartridge for the game “Combat.” The success of the system was mediocre at first but it became more popular in 1980 with the release of the game “Space Invaders,” a popular arcade game, for the system. Eventually, the early video game market crashed in 1984. The “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley, is found dead of an apparent heart attack at the age of 42.

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Ranking as one of the highest selling solo artists in history, fame took its toll on the singer. control when many Panamanians felt that the Canal Zone rightfully belonged to Panama student protests were met by the fencing in of the zone and an increased military presence, protests culminated in riots in which approximately 20 Panamanians and 3–5 U. soldiers were killed on Martyr's Day, January 9, 1964,.

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