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Still, I do take issue with the fact that the rooms are only for women.

Read More Get Started Chat via your mobile device by using our i Phone/i Pad or Android apps!(OK, this is just creepy.) And of course, Japan gave us the cat cafe — a concept since adopted in America — where individuals can enjoy a latte or juice while stroking a cat. It's easy to dismiss a crying room as something silly or even unnecessary.Still, studies show that adult workers are under more stress than ever before. Crying is often seen as a sign of weakness, but evolutionary biologists have done studies that show the emotional benefits of crying. And frankly, if we're allowed to have nap rooms at work, I like the idea of having a crying room at a hotel. (Can I get a shout-out from my fellow criers on the C Train? Sometimes there really is nothing better for the psyche than a good cry.And having a safe space to do it in — away from home, away from work — strikes me as brilliant.

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