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They played a vital role in maintaining the British treasury and, for a time, the Crown watched over the Jewish financiers and their property, though they also taxed them onerously.Disputes between Christian clerics and Jews in this period were supposedly encouraged by William Rufus (1087-1100).The self-selecting sample of more than 2,000 people found just 59 percent felt welcome in the country.Many were concerned about attitudes within Labour, with 83% believing the party is too tolerant of anti-Semitism among its MPs, members and supporters.This compared with 19% for the Conservatives and 36% for the Liberal Democrats.Ms Blumenthal, seen in April 2013, left, mentioned a survey which found that 83% of British Jews believe the Labour Party is too tolerant of anti-Semitism among its MPs, members and supporters.That came after Mrs Shah, MP for Bradford West, was forced to apologise for posting on Facebook that a 'solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict' was to relocate Israel to the US.

Over the course of a generation, Jews established communities in London, York, Bristol, Canterbury and other major cities.Once Jews returned in the 16 century, however, they became more and more integrated into society.England was, for a time, one of the most religiously tolerant countries in Europe.Mr Blumenthal called it a 'great honour', while the stamp's designer exclaimed, 'how unfortunate!''But now hatred against Jews has become legitimised in the political sphere and more and more Jews are getting attacked.

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