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star has influenced the rapper long before they started dating.

NEWS: Kanye West Is Threatening To Permanently Leave the United States "Her [spirit] was there even before she was my girlfriend," he told Aw, how sweet!

When the subject of West’s infamous Grammy stage-storming stunt before Beck’s album-of-the-year acceptance speech, and his subsequent slam about Beck’s “artistry,” arose, West admitted he hadn’t even listened to the album before all the awards show drama.

He finally heard some of Beck’s album over dinner with Taylor Swift recently and said, “Man, this is kinda good!

” He also planned on calling Beck after the fiasco but never did.

"I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors.West also couldn’t dodge questions about whether Tyga and Jenner are a couple. I think he was smart.” Tyga adamantly denied dating Jenner during an interview on Tuesday.With major pause and hesitation, West said, “I think that … “I’m not dating that, so I just wanna get that out the way."I wouldn't get married to prove anything to anyone.It's for me, for stability in my life, and I'm so happy that I found someone that I really love, that challenges me, that keeps my life interesting, that's just as crazy as I am." "They'd been having problems," a friend of West's told People.

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