Keith harkin dating ruth oleary

Bachelor of Science (HONS) Information Systems (Sandwich) – 2nd Class – Upper – David Campbell, Lisa Mac Gregor, Thomas Robert Mc Intosh, Cindy Russell.

2nd Class – Lower – Mark Francis Clifford, Benjamin Greig.

Degree – Yassine Aissaoui, Richard Steven Cavanagh, Morgan Moreira.

Certificate of Higher Education Digital Media – Bhavnik Joshi, Josh Mac Kay.

Bachelor of Science (HONS) Computing – 1st Class – Martin Berger, Severin Andreas Thomas-M Fichtl, Michael Patrick Keely, Philippe Levieux, Kevin Preston.

2nd Class – Upper – Remy Bal, Clement Berthelot, Pascal Burdin, Emeric Dessertine, Jeremy Dubois, Bastien Emery, Nicolas Fontenit, Peter Andrew Simpson, David Tybbleus, Jean-Baptiste Verrey, Rodrigo Vivanco-Torres.

Postgraduate Certificate Advanced Networking – Bruno Barbero Hernandez.Master of Science Information Systems Development – Degree* – Luis Urrea.Degree – Wafa El-Tahir, Osama Elharari, Colin Hoare, Jian Hu, Daniel Alexander Kirst, James Gibson Mc Naughton.Certificate of Higher Education Business Information Systems – Stuart Gillespie.Bachelor of Engineering (HONS) Computer Networks & Distributed Systems – 1st Class – Calum Mac Kenzie. Bachelor of Engineering Computer Networks & Distributed Systems – Degree* – Steffen Kristiansen, Anthony Reed.

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