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The movie concentrates on the plot with admirable economy and breakneck pacing.

It only spends a few scenes setting up Nick's home life, and as soon as the game is over, the story ends, too.

Director John Hyams was dropped by his agent after making the DTV "Universal Soldier: Regeneration." Fellow director Isaac Florentine has said "I discovered that being a straight to DVD director is…worse than saying you have malaria." To some extent, one can understand why DTV films have such a bad reputation: just watch the Sy Fy channel on Saturday night, or Cinemax at 2 am any night.

Reine's latest film, "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded" (2013), suggests a marked improvement in his work.

This time around, he's working with a script by David Benullo that suggests the David Fincher of "Seven" and "The Game": paramedic Nick (wrestler Randy Orton) is called by a vigilante (Brian Markinson) and forced to play a bizarre round of games connected to an event in their pasts.

As the concept of vulgar auteurism has become a hot topic among the cinephile blogopshere recently, something's gotten lost in all the debate about whether Michael Bay and Tony Scott should be taken seriously.

At heart, what seems worthwhile to me about vulgar auteurism is its championing of the best DTV genre films.

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