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[email protected] says the pair have been romantically linked for the last year and the boxer even bought her a black Benz last year.Fun Fact: Keyshia’s biological father Virgil Hunter was also a boxer.

Four years later, the passion still hadn't burnt off.

It was apparently a wise decision because from then on, her singles continuously gained high chart positions, starting with "I Should Have Cheated" that peaked at #4 in Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart and followed by her most successful single at that time "Love".

The latter song was the piece that she used as an ammo to win Iovine's heart before she was signed.

She was adopted at age two by family friends Leon and Yvonne Cole, changing her last name to Cole.

At age 12, Cole was introduced into the music industry, along with her brother Sean (also known as Nutt-So), where she met and recorded with MC Hammer.

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It wasn't long until her charisma reached the ear of A&M Records executive Ron Fair who then introduced her to Jimmy Iovine.

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