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You can call this titillative, but few would call it good. From Alexandre Rockwell, the unknown maker of five of Steve Buscemi's most obscure movies, The Wrong Man brings Ted (a role actually written for Buscemi) to Room 404.

Instead of the party that needed ice, he finds a tense scene: a man (Mean Streets' David Proval) wields a gun and a temper as his wife Angela (Flashdance's Jennifer Beals, Rockwell's real wife at the time) is bound and gagged.

In addition to Becky as deadpan Sarah, there’s an incredible cast of characters who find their way into her life.

Becky, a long time comedian, stand-up and improviser, started writing the show when the draw of live comedy was just a little, well, uninspiring. like much of Becky’s work, is partially autobiographical.

First up is The Missing Ingredient, a segment written/directed by Allison Anders, who helmed a couple of smaller films in the '90s and has since worked exclusively and scarcely in television.

This weak opening finds a coven of witches claiming the Honeymoon Suite, where they conspire to resurrect their goddess, a starlet who disappeared decades earlier.

Once just one of fifty employees, Sam (Marc Lawrence) is now the hotel's only staff member and after fifty years of service, he hands his bellhop hat over to Ted (Tim Roth, in his third and, to date, final performance for Tarantino).

Speaking of collaboration, Becky has a show called Katina and Becky Have It All at the People’s Improv Theatre on April 4th with Katina Corrao, who makes a guest appearance as Carol in Seasons 1 and 2. Becky, with her easy laughter, suggests a few places I should try out.

I apologize for talking about being Asian-American a little too much.

Becky’s originally from Arcadia, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. She started improv at UCB, interning at PS 122, and taking a standup class, all at the same time.

We small talk about how the racetracks there are both the home of Seabiscuit, and a relocation center for Japanese internees being sent to concentration camps. She hit the ground running, and several years and many jokes later, she had a webseries that was an official selection of the NYCTVF 2013. It’s a medium that can cover more than what live comedy can.

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