Long term dating 40

I had a bone density scan done and thankfully that's OK.

These drugs can catch up with you years down the track. D and calcium will prevent any more damage for you, and you didn't mention it but are your gums OK?

The neurologist indicated that my PTH (parathyroid) levels were abnormal and I had osteomalcia.

The neurologist worked to change my medication at first to Keppra, then to Epilim.

The operation was successful in all respects and my recovery was so good that I was released from ICU in 6 days. My neuro surgeon (NS) put me on Cipro and Keppra to start my recovery at home.

Lack of concentration, fatique, and lately I've been drooling so much at night my face has a rash. with a neurologist, going through a rash of tests since it's been years since I had an EEG.

I have been on epilepsy medication for over 40 years.

I was originally started on the drug phenobarbatol and then later in life transitioned to only Dilantin.

Swollen nodes in my chest are pressing on the phrenic nerve and my right diaphragm is paralyzed.

Consequently I can't breath worth a darn, I can only sleep on my right side (bad lung down).

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I had seizures on Keppra and Epilim caused too many side effects.

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