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As some of you know Teresa May and I have a partnership which includes us selling adult magazines on our websites Amazon where most of our sales are made.

Recently we've had suppliers refuse to sell stock to us as they and the publishers of many adult magazines feel our prices are too competitive, which roughly translated means they want to keep prices high by depriving us of stock.

All was going well, but them we realised that although our rivals were in theory price matching they were offering a discount of 15 percent and undercutting us thereby renaging on our agreement.

When we retaliated by reduducing our prices things began to get nasty... We are expected to play ball yet our bleating rivals feel they can do as they please, agreement or no agreement.

A while ago my partner and I began expanding from selling not just preloved magazines but also new ones.Larry's stories and articles were always erudite, now there's a word to look up, and always interesting and I wondered why there had never been a Kane Sir Larry Special Edition. After discussing the matter with Kane's now guv'nor or should that be governess Josie, we decided to put together some of the archive material and publish it as a downloadable PDF magazine so that those spankers who didn't get the chance to see the original published work of Sir Larry now have the opportunity to do so.There are two versions of the Kane Sir Larry Greythorpe Special Edition; one with naughty spanking pictures and one with pictures of Sir Larry that does not contain any bare bottoms or spanking.Our rivals have tried to get us shut down by trying to prevent us getting stock.They have bleated and cried to those who were supplying us and threatened to withdraw their business from them if they kept on dealing with us so we lost our main supplier.

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So when you buy from a certain retailer from their website or their Amazon, and from a certain publisher's website and Amazon account pause for a few moments and give thought to how you are being ripped off as their pally pally little cartel is keeping prices higher than they should

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