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Unfortunately for states, such mandates are typically signed into law without the federal funds to support their execution.

The most prominent examples of congressional mandates are environmental regulations, such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, which require state governments to enforce certain prescribed standards.

An employer must pay each of its employees his/her wages in a form that s/he may readily convert into cash (without the need of a personal bank account), unless an employee volunteers to be paid by direct deposit in an account at a bank or financial institution of his/her choice.

Yes, the law mandates that each employee shall be furnished with an itemized statement of deductions for each pay period. The employer must obtain a signed receipt for a cash payment. Acceptance by the Department of your claim does not mean the Department has found merit in your claim.​ Yes, as an employee must be offered the choice of payment by a check.

In his article, Koch also attempted to assess the impact of 47 federal and state mandates on New York City.

The employer may take no longer than 1 pay period to implement the change after receiving the employee’s request and the necessary information.

Any election to receive pay via direct deposit or a payroll debit card must be made freely, without intimidation, coercion or fear of discharge or other reprisal.

Because employee payroll laws vary from state to state, employers with operations in multiple states must be sure to comply with the laws of the particular state in which it is doing business.

Should you have any questions about these recent changes to the Michigan wage payment act or how to implement them, or should you have questions about any other labor or employment-related matter, please contact any member of Warner Norcross & Judd LLP’s Labor & Employment Practice Group.

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This means that an Illinois employer cannot force (by means of company policy) employees to accept "direct deposit" as a method of payment.

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