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For the first time since we were married, I was going to do what I wanted to do, and that was to leave at the moment. Did you keep in touch with her after the experiment ended?Since you and Ashley never consummated the marriage, can you get an annulment, or will you be filing for divorce? The day after the wedding, we were both so exhausted, and both were not used to the cameras being around 24/7. A week after the experiment ended, we chatted briefly and decided to be friends.But in reality, this is just a chapter in the book.Has this experience changed the qualities you will look for in a potential mate?I was not ignorant to the fact that we were not in a good place . 1 priority, then you cannot make a decision like this within six weeks — you just can’t.

“I don’t have the same feelings,” she told the camera afterward.

In the finale, she blames it on a breakdown of trust after the messaging-her-friend incident — do you agree with that reasoning? The experts gave us so many homework assignments and we just couldn’t get them done . Did you know before you sat down with the experts that Ashley was going to ask for a divorce?

Well, it surely wasn’t an easy time in our marriage, and looking back on it, it’s something I shouldn’t have done. I had a good feeling Ashley was leaning in that direction just based on the previous six weeks of her inability to open up and get past the fact that I wasn’t her typical guy. But at the same time, I was going to be true to myself and true to my commitment. I find it very difficult to believe that if you signed up to be arranged for marriage, and wanted marriage as your No.

We knew going into this that if the marriage didn’t work, it would result in divorce. Were there good times, affectionate times between you two that we didn’t see on camera? So we grabbed lunch to go, ran up to our hotel room and hid in the bathroom. It was a really cool moment and one I thought was going to carry us. But then, shortly after that, she said she would rather not talk to each other. When we did, we discussed that we wanted to make this a very amicable divorce and go out with our heads held high.

We had this huge empty Jacuzzi tub that we just sat in and ate our lunch. The day of the wedding when everyone was getting ready for our exit, we stayed back and slow-danced in a totally empty reception hall. One other fun moment was the night we went on the Ferris wheel. I do feel like Ashley would catch herself actually having fun, laughing and maybe letting me in, but then quickly remind herself not to. We both think the other is a great person, just not for each other.

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