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medium brown instead of dark brown), and leave the product on for the minimum amount of time for the first go-round to avoid ending up with a helmet-head of dark, unnatural color.If you’re going gray and losing some hair, you might be tempted to just buzz it close to your head and be done with it.For whatever reason, a lot of guys are afraid to dye their grays.

The expert stylists at Louis Licari salons showed TODAY just how great it can look on various women in their daily lives.

“Not all shapes and styles look or feel great on everybody,” cautions Thomas.

And if your hair is starting to thin, growing it back could be more problematic than you’d like to admit.

And if you're going gray already, instead of covering up your roots, embrace them and have your colorist work those tones into your new style.

Here, we share what women really think about gray hair—what they like, and what they don’t—along with some do's and don’ts for dyeing it, cutting it, and making it look as sexy and youthful as possible.

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Other guys are interested in getting rid of grays, but have spent a lifetime getting trims at a bro-focused barber shop and simply feel “a bit uncomfortable visiting a salon to get their color done,” Thomas says.

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