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Alex is annoyed and so is Porter, whose magic – plus Brittany's science incompetence – convince Carl he made the wrong choice.When Serge tells Carl that he'll make mincemeat out of him in the upcoming dodgeball unit, Carl pleads Porter for help. When a member of the Bennett High cheerleading team sprains her ankle, and opening appears on the squad.Little things seem to always be going wrong in Carl's life.

The other half is Carl Montclaire, a fifteen-year-old typical high school kid who has been going through a run of bad luck.When the main sponsor of the school's volleyball team pulls out of a deal to send the side to the tournament, Carl, Porter and Jane think up ways to raise the required funds.The idea of a talent show is agreed upon, and auditions are held.Things seem to be going well but when the star act pulls out, it seems that there will be no headline act.Porter thinks up a plan to make Carl's band, the Quesadillas, the stars of the show, but when Porter cannot perform due to a case of angel flu, he uses magic to help Carl perform an unorthodox version of This Little Light Of Mine, which is a big hit with the audience.

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The resulting C grade gets Carl kicked off the team, and although he makes one final appearance after his Maths teacher overrules his grade, he steps down from the team.

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