Middle school and dating

Todd Riley was buying beers for a group of friends who traveled with him from Denver to Las Vegas when a gun began to bark on Sunday night.“We had a great time up until about 10,” he said on Wednesday.“She was not responsive.” A young man pushing a wheelbarrow ran to them and asked if they had anyone with them who was seriously injured.

The student is expected to: (A) list ways to evaluate health products, practices, and services such as sunblocks, dietary aides, and over-the-counter medications; and (B) use critical thinking to research and evaluate health information. The student comprehends general health information related to prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

In the hail of bullets that followed, the assistant principal of Century Middle School in Thornton was wounded, tried to save a life, and survived a massacre that impressed on him the human capacity for heroism.

“There were so many people that night who stood up and did the right things,” Riley said.

The student is expected to: (A) demonstrate an understanding of basic first-aid procedures; (B) describe chemical dependency and addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, including prescription drugs, and other substances; (C) explain the relationship among tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other substances and the role these items play in unsafe situations such as drinking and driving and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/sexually transmitted disease (STD) transmission; (D) identify ways such as alternative activities to prevent the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other substances; (E) identify ways to prevent substance misuse, including the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and substance use disorders; (F) demonstrate strategies for the prevention of and response to deliberate and accidental injuries such as using conflict resolution skills instead of fighting and wearing a seat belt; (G) identify and describe strategies for avoiding drugs, violence, gangs, weapons, and other harmful situations; (H) explain the consequences of sexual activity and the benefits of abstinence; and (I) identify signs and symptoms of prescription drug misuse such as using medicine prescribed for someone else or for reasons other than its intended use. The student understands how factors in the environment influence individual and community health.

The student is expected to: (A) identify how environmental influences may affect an individual's substance misuse and substance use disorder; (B) identify factors that affect an individual's physical, emotional, and social health such as school climate and safety measures; and (C) make healthy choices from among environmental alternatives such as leaving a smoke-filled room or selecting healthy snacks from vending machines. The student recognizes how relationships influence individual health behaviors including skills necessary for building and maintaining relationships.

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