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In the original novel, Gidget gives her name as follows: She does not give us her last name. In the films in which she appears, her name is changed to a more English sounding Frances Lawrence, and the names of some other characters are changed as well.

In the 1960s television series (episode 16, "Now There's a Face"), Gidget gives her full name as Frances Elizabeth Lawrence.

A book was conceived and Kathy became her father's muse as he delved into the surfing world with his daughter as his guide.

Over a six-week period Kohner wove the stories she told into a novel, which he titled upon completion with her nickname, Gidget.

In 2000, Francis Ford Coppola staged a musical adaptation of Gidget with a cast of students from the Orange County High School for the Arts, calling it "sort of A Catcher in the Rye for girls".

Coppola wrote the book and cowrote the score with John Farrar, and Krysta Rodriguez played Gidget.

In 2007, Terry Mc Cabe and Marissa Mc Kown adapted a stage play Gidget from Kohner's 1957 novel.

The first film also featured a young Yvonne Craig and Tom Laughlin, long before Laughlin became known as Billy Jack and Craig as Batgirl and her alter-ego Barbara Gordon in the final season of Batman.

Although the later two films were billed as sequels to the first, there was little attempt at continuity other than in the plot.

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