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Because we are so busy, finding a date on-line is now part of everyday life and has absolutely no stigma attached to it at all.

If the other person is as mad on horse racing as you are then a picnic and visit to your local track makes perfect sense.It’s totally normal and mirrors any other form of dating.Keep at it and when you do meet the perfect person you’ll know that it was worth the wait!Avoid clichés in your profile such as ‘easy to please’ or ‘happy go lucky’.These things might be true but many other people say the same thing.

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If you are lucky enough to have an interesting job, then describe it. All of us are multi-dimensional and although it would be great to find the only other George Formby fan club member in Telford who is over 6ft 6″ tall and whose favourite food is roast squirrel, it is unlikely.

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