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And I'm pretty sure you can get the shoes, jewelry, and dress from the wedding planner. Answer from: Jellybean I think I have the solution but I'm not sure if it works for everyone...So you have to go on 3 perfect dates (5 stars) after your SO asks if you two are going serious, I had my last date at panino and went on to Florence for a fourth date at 10AX club and that's where I proposed. [ZEN] Wow this game is really nifty lol So both of you trust me, right? So if he's not active right now, doesn't that mean parties aren't held a lot?

I didn't care about that much like I did with my gigs (which requires 400 stars). Answer from: Mannie You have to go on one more date after completing the "popping the question task" and he'll ask you then. and (no hearts) I usually don't have morning meals. How bold ^^ (no hearts) I wish I could tell you where I am... (no hearts) Instead of glasses, what about VR headset...? (no hearts) it's a secret lol (no hearts) Did I get it from the store? Always feel free to contribute and help along the way! :3 Some tips for getting good end: Let me skim through the game guidebook.

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Let's just put it that way - [Jumin] I want to be friends with everyone... (no hearts) I thin you'll be able to trust me after some time...

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